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3 Tips For Adopting A Forward Motion Mindset

It’s not always possible to avoid all things that can cause stressors, and it’s essential to learn how to control your emotions and develop healthy ways to respond to unavoidable circumstances. A book called Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder by Nassim Taleb discusses the idea of what is called “antifragile.” Taleb identifies something to be an antifragile entity as something that gets stronger when it’s subjected to uncertainty and stress.

You can come to the eventual realization and maybe even appreciation of the stressful things you go through regularly by having an antifragile mentality. By obtaining a philosophy of forward motion, you can aspire to change up your outlook and use a stressful set of circumstances to assist you more effectively at “adapting to the unknown.” Some specific tips can help you to adopt a forward motion mindset.

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Create Milestones To Feel Accomplished Along The Way

Are you carrying a heavy level of uncertainty on your shoulders? It’s time to get rid of that fear and put yourself on the right path to having more positivity in life. Based on looking at some of the neuroscience when it comes to the change of behavior, it’s clear that when people see they’re on the road to accomplishing their goals, their brains release dopamine.

Dopamine acts as a buffer that for the adrenaline that your body produces during a stressful situation. In turn, chemical release builds momentum that helps you finish your task. Each time you mark something off your to-do list, you take a step ahead successfully. With each small win, your mind motivates you to continue moving forward.

It’s essential to set milestones you can actually achieve. You need to create a realistic timeline and trajectory of goals you can reach. You should start even smaller than that with your goals. For example, you may be nervous about something that you need to present at work. However, all the research and writing is falling below the wayside because you are simply overwhelmed. To handle this chaos, create a set of tasks for yourself to complete this project, even if you have to write those tasks down, Check them off as you go. Doing so could help you see everything  more clearly, including your accomplishments along the way.

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Face Stress Head On With A Forward Motion Mindset

Facing stress as soon as you feel it may seem easier to say than actually do, like many things in life. However, facing the stress you are dealing with immediately can help you out in the end. If you try to ignore the thing weighing down on you, it could worsen the whole situation. Sure, if only it were possible to shut your brain off when it came to thinking about certain things, right?

Nevertheless, turning your attention to what’s happening at that moment can help instead of ignoring it and hoping it goes away. In fact, doing so could really help solve any problems. But you must face that stress head on and then pair that alertness with something new. There are several resources and outlets for your stress. Talking with a therapist can help. Another option is writing in a journal because having everything written before you can really help you manage things.

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Keep Moving Forward Mentally And Physically

This forward motion mindset should not be just mentally. Physically moving around, even minimally, such as by walking, stretching, or doing yoga, can also help your attitude and affect the way your mind and body connect to stress. One of the main factors of this idea working is called optic flow. Dr. Andrew Huberman of Stanford explains that seeing objects move past us slows down the stress connectors.

It’s been proven that forward motion while dealing with something bothering us activates a brain circuit associated with courage and boldness. While moving, don’t forget to also focus on your breathing. Being able to control your breathing is an additional important step toward bringing about physiological and psychological calmness.