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4 Tips For Improving Intelligence At Any Age

For the longest time, it has always been assumed that brain health declines with growing age. Although this can be true, new research is showing that this doesn’t have to be the norm. For example, a cognitive training program founded by researchers in Dallas was shown to reverse cognitive decline in older adults by relying on Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART).

The idea that cognitive function can increase in the elderly is groundbreaking. There have been other studies that show how the brain not only can resist cognitive decline, but can further enhance capabilities of decision-making, intellect, and memory. This article will explore ways in which you can grow your own intelligence—regardless of what age you are.

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Use Brain Games to Up Your IQ

One of the most effective ways to stimulate your brain is through brain games. These games target areas of the brain that involve problem solving, memory, and even imagination. You can check out free games like Brain Workshop which can sometimes rewire neural circuitry. Keep in mind that it is best to be patient and give yourself time before you see IQ improvement from computer games as the process of rewiring your brain will take time.

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Practice Memory Techniques

Another way to keep your brain sharp is to practice memory techniques. Dating back to our pre-historic ancestors, our spatial memory has always been one of our most developed and important aspects of memory. It is what allows us to remember our home even years after leaving it.

Knowing this, one of the most effective memory techniques is known as “memory palaces,” which essentially ask you to store your visualized cues of things in a familiar physical space. As you “navigate” from room to room, this long-taught technique has been shown to improve memory and recall.

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Sharpen Your Smarts With Brain-Boosting Supplements

If you are someone looking to enhance your brain health, it will suit you to know about some supplements that can boost the brain. Here are a couple of supplements worth knowing about:

• Krill Oil (EPA and DHA): These are two essential omega-3 fatty acids for optimal brain health and function. These fatty acids have not only been shown to improve memory, but also the processing of thoughts as well.

• Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT): MCT works wonders in making sure your brain runs as efficiently as possible. MCT has also been shown to turn on your body’s fat-burning abilities.

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Consider Nootropics, aka “Smart drugs”

Nootropics are substances that have been shown to boost brain functions such as memory, executive functions, and even motivation. Nootropics such as Aniracetam can aid with creativity and stress while Hyperzine A consumption has been shown to protect against Alzheimer’s and heighten memory and nerve growth. Two other nootropics worth discussing:


• Caffeine: Yes, caffeine is categorized as a nootropic. Caffeine is effective in improving alertness, short-term memory, and providing the brain with an overall energy boost. Coffee beans can also be “upgraded” to contain two potent anti-inflammatory agents for the brain, cafestol and kahweol.

• Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC): ACL becomes both an important antioxidant and cognitive enhancer, acting on both acetylcholine and dopamine function. This occurs once it has crossed the blood-brain barrier.