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Exercises And Movements That Can Help Boost Metabolism

This is the seventh and final part of the series on strategies to boost metabolism. Thus far, we’ve established that some of the ways to increase your basal metabolic rate, some of which include eating vitamins and minerals, limiting your weight gain, managing your hormone levels, and making sure your circadian rhythm is optimized. One more aspect of improving your metabolism is movement and exercise.

While many think to try and handle their metabolism by going to exercise straight away,  they should be working on the other methods that were discussed in previous sections to help work on establishing a healthy routine in their lives.

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Get Moving

Moving around may be more crucial than exercise. When it comes to exercise by itself, it doesn’t really do that great a job to keep obesity down. So more is needed to really get your weight down besides only hitting the gym. Exercise can lead to an increased appetite if you’re overweight, which will make you increase your caloric intake to make up for the energy needed. On the other hand, exercise can help you keep that weight down if you adhere to the workout plan.

You will want to exercise more as well because there are more gains when it comes to having larger fat-free mass levels. Exercise helps improve your basal metabolic rate, assisting with keeping the weight down. In short, if you adhere to an active lifestyle, you not only can shed pounds but also improve basal metabolic rates indirectly. Here we have listed some great exercises and tips to help you boost your metabolism.

Booster 1: Selective Cardio

Not all cardio machines or equipment work equally. You must opt for cardio machines that can help you maximize calorie burn and improve your metabolic rate. To make an informed decision, you can rank the machines; according to their double-whammy effect.

Also, determine which machine burns more calories while elevating your metabolic rate. Don’t worry if have no idea how to go about it; we have you covered with this list.

  1. Treadmill run with a little bit of an incline
  2. Swimming or rowing
  3. Uphill on an upright bicycle
  4. Elliptical with legs and arms
  5. Elliptical with just legs
  6. Recumbent bicycle uphill
  7. Treadmill walk
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Booster 2 – Powerlifting

You might not have heard this before, but an Olympic powerlifter can burn the same number of calories during training as an athlete can do in a real marathon.

Powerlifting happens due to fast-twitch and explosive muscle motions it creates to burn calories. It uses a significant amount of carbs and can burn energy faster than any other exercise. Keep in mind that performing bodyweight exercises or lifting that involves high velocities has risks as you need a lot of energy to perform them.

However, the outcome of these exercises is great. They can increase metabolic rate and anabolic hormone response to improve your fat-burning capabilities. So, if you learn how to perform exercises such as lunge jump, power clean, jump squat, and push press, they can be your fantastic metabolism and calorie-burning weapon.


Booster 3 – Twitch

Studies have shown that people who move or have an active lifestyle have better calorie expenditure.  By saying constant movements we mean activities like drumming fingers, sitting down, tapping feet, moving head, clinching butt, rolling eyes, and shrugging shoulders.

All these movements are small but very effective to produce contractions in your muscles. Remember that whenever you move a muscle fiber, it uses the body’s energy and raises temperature; thereby boosting metabolism.

Booster 4 – Exercise Outside

While indoors offer you options to engage in homely physical activities, outdoors have way better alternatives you can use to improve your activity level. Going outdoors for exercise and movements means you can get a high amount of oxygen and use a wider space for more productive and bigger movements.

That is to say, if you don’t feel like going to the gym or working out at home, explore outdoors such as lakes or trails to do light exercises. You can burn calories by just swinging your legs and arms in motion. It is a great exercise to burn fat and improve metabolism.

Moreover, doing exercises in beautiful outdoors is more unpredictable compared to what you do in the gym or at home. It makes the whole process more enjoyable and enables your body to experience new moves which are ultimately good for your metabolism.


The Power Of Pancreatin and Shopping The Old-Fashioned Way

Pancreatin in the body comes in two forms, one of which is responsible for breaking down complex sugars when the body is digesting food. The other form breaks down the body’s fats. Some have started taking pancreatin supplements in order to increase metabolism, especially in cases when you may be deficient in producing it. You might not have heard this before but an Olympic powerlifter can burn the same number of calories during training as an athlete can do in a real marathon.

Online shopping is very convenient, but not great for our bodies. Taking a trip to the mall to walk through a parking lot or peruse the aisles of a store will be better for your metabolism than any one-click purchase. It may also save you some money, too.


Try Some Peppermint, Take A Gas Break, and Avoid The Aspartame

Peppermint has a decent amount of benefits, such as a good way to sooth an upset stomach, suppress your appetite, and also provide you with some good nutrients. Some of these include vitamins A, C, and B2, as well as calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

If you ever stop for gas while you’re driving, especially since you may want to avoid starting at how much it will cost you, try doing short exercises like jogging in place or jumping jacks. This will provide a nice boost to your metabolism for a good amount of time, which on a long road trip is even more important.

Make a conscious effort to forgo artificial sweeteners in your coffee or diet sodas. These usually have sucralose, saccharin, or aspartame. The problem is that is leaves your body thinking it’s going to have more food, and ends up tricking your body into being hungry. Being advertised as “calorie-free,” they aren’t being metabolized by your body, and you end up likely creating more fat cells to store these compounds.

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Fatty Acids, Peanut Butter Power, and Skip The Vegetable Oil

Medium chain triglycerides, which are also known as medium chain fatty acids, are a preferred burnt for fuel as opposed to other fats. The blood absorbs them more effectively than other fatty acids. Some supplement companies offer MCTs or MCFA as a source for fat fuel following some athletic activities. Coconut oil and coconut milk are probably the best sources for these.

Peanut butter packs a lot of magnesium, which helps with your body’s metabolic process. Adding spinach to a peanut butter sandwich may seem unconventional, but it’ll be a good metabolic booster.

While natural vegetable oils aren’t inherently back for us, some of the extra chemicals that are added in the factory can slow our metabolism. Extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, and coconut oil are the best ones to have to harmful effects.


Make Use Of Calls, Stretch Your Legs, and Intervals Of Intensity

Doing the slightest movements like pacing, swinging your arms, or doing toe raises while on calls can help you burn more calories. It’ll help your energy levels and will likely lead to more exercise afterward.

Just like the importance of walking around on a road trip, you also need to do that when on a plane ride. Every 45 minutes if you can, try some 5-minute stretching or exercise, such as doing shoulder shrugs, squats and toe raises, and head rolls.

When you’re doing interval training during workouts, you’re having moments when the exercise is more intense and when you’re recovering. You can to 2 minutes of intense bike riding and 2 minutes of more easy pedaling for the ride. You can also add short sprints into your jogging. This will help you burn more calories, but will boost your metabolism.