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Foods That Boost Testosterone Naturally

Nerdy Guy

Disclaimer: This Article is for Men. Sort of. Most men are undoubtedly reading this article with the intention of impressing women.

While testosterone is an important part of a healthy woman’s hormonal state, the biological differences between men and women are significant enough that this post would turn into a dissertation if we tried to incorporate both sexes.

Since men are per capita more concerned with their testosterone levels than women are, this article is geared towards them. And gents, our “Fat-Burning Man” Abel James has some dietary tips on how to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

Eat Like a Man

Cheetos, hamburgers, and beer are not man-food.

Man food is what boosts testosterone production and gives you the body of Gerard Butler in 300. You eat soft, you get soft, you eat hard, you get har…sculpted (we’re men— I know where your mind was going).

Fight Manopause With the Right Food

As men get older, our testosterone levels start to drop. Energy levels and stamina slowly give way to golf and khakis. No offense to all my khaki-wearing golfers out there, but I’d figure that at some point the dress code on the green would have received a makeover. But I digress.

Menopause occurs when women reach middle-age and their estrogen levels begin to drop. The same thing happens to guys, except with testosterone (the condition is often eloquently referred to as Manopause).

What Makes Testosterone So Important Anyway?

Testosterone is an androgen, meaning it’s a hormone responsible for sex drive, muscle growth, and aggressiveness. Low testosterone levels can cause depression, decreased muscle mass, low libido, low energy, fat gain, memory loss, erectile dysfunction, and low sperm count. Here are some foods that can help you combat lower Testosterone levels and improve your quality of life.

Photo of a beef steak


Think big, hearty meals that contain nutrients like magnesium, cholesterol, zinc, vitamin D, folic acid, and arachidonic acid. These are foods like:

Whole eggs: Testosterone is derived from cholesterol, of which eggs have plenty. Eggs also contain vitamin D, which contributes to Testosterone production. The best part is how easy they are to prepare— scrambled takes all of three minutes to put together.


Steak and shellfish: Both are high in zinc, an integral mineral in testosterone production, and they’re (in this author’s opinion) some of the tastiest T-boosting foods out there.

Spinach, kale, and chard: All rich in magnesium, another mineral important in making your Testosterone levels go boom.

Garlic, broccoli, avocado, asparagus and Brussels sprouts: These foods are both testosterone-boosting and estrogen-lowering powerhouses packed with healthy fats and essential trace minerals.

Brazil nuts: You can think of these as nature’s Viagra. They’re rich in selenium, which has been show to increase testosterone production and sperm production/motility. Brazil nuts also have high levels of arginine, an amino acid that increases blood flow to the genitals.

Using raw olive oil for salad dressing

How to Fit All That Food into Your Diet

Knowing is easy, but acting can be a little more challenging. Here are some easy prep ideas:

Breakfast: Steak and eggs (pan fried) with a green smoothie on the side, made up of avocado, spinach, frozen fruit, and almond milk.

Lunch: Taco salad made of ground beef/bison with greens and guac.

Dinner: Crab legs (steamed) with grass-fed butter for dipping and a side of greens.

Real men should care about what they eat. Our ancestors wouldn’t have been able to fend off lions, lead hunting groups, or procreate effectively if their diets consisted of processed foods and chemical-laden dessert treats.