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Hacking Zombie Cells To Improve Your Lifespan

Everyone ages differently, and while it may seem like you have little influence over it, you actually might.

You’ve probably seen those who appear to be old before their time and those who have maintained good health and vitality long into old age. Genetics plays a role in this disparity to some extent. However, your diet, way of living, and surroundings have a much greater impact.

Here’s how to trick cellular senescence, one of the telltale indicators of aging, so you can feel and appear younger.

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Zombie Cells And Aging

Your body builds up damaged cells as you age. Cellular senescence is an aging process that cells go through when they have sustained a certain amount of damage.

Your cells begin to emit substances that cause inflammation when they are injured or when they multiply too frequently. Their objective is to draw the immune system’s attention so that it can intervene and remove the damaged cells to make place for new, healthy ones.

However, as you age, these aging, damaged cells stop signaling your immune system to remove them. Instead, they become senescent cells, also known as “zombie cells” since they are no longer fully functional but continue to live on like a zombie.

As you age, zombie cells can accumulate in your body, blocking your cellular systems and depleting your energy. They also produce substances that render adjacent cells zombies as well. Cellular senescence, as this process is often known, is one of the main causes of aging.

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Better Your Cellular Performance

There are several methods for improving your cells and stopping zombie cells that sap your energy and make you weak.

The most fundamental form of energy in your body is ATP. Your body’s cells turn the food you ingest into ATP, which you can utilize to power your activities.

Your ATP production is quick and effective when you’re young, but as you become older, it becomes less effective.

Your cells can produce ATP with the aid of the substance NAD+. If you don’t take supplements, NAD+ levels decline with age, preventing you from producing enough energy. Increasing NAD+ can also activate multiple pathways for longevity, keeping you young.

Maintaining high NAD+ levels will improve your focus and eliminate mental fog. NAD+ is particularly crucial for brain function.

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Take Care Of Your Mitochondria

Mitochondria are the factories that generate the ATP necessary to keep your cells functioning.

Your mitochondria can begin to slow down if you don’t intervene. Fortunately, there are numerous things you can do to fuel them and ensure that they produce all the energy you require to live your life.

Your mitochondria can be improved with exercise, a high-fat diet, consuming lots of antioxidants, and drinking coffee. Altering your lifestyle may not be sufficient as you get older, so it’s a good idea to take a mitochondrial booster vitamin.

CD38 is a top-secret biohack that hardly anyone is aware of. It stands for cluster of differentiation 38, a protein that accumulates with aging and can harm your mitochondria and reduce your ability to produce cellular energy.

As you age, CD38 slowly builds up in your body due to zombie cells, which results in fatigue and mental fog. Additionally, high CD38 levels disrupt your metabolism, which can cause you to lose weight and struggle to maintain your fitness.

Conversely, if you lower your CD38 levels, your metabolism can speed up, you could become quicker and more intellectually alert, your body can produce more energy at the cellular level, and your overall performance could soar.

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The good news is that there are numerous events in the aging cycle where you can have an impact. You can feel and look fantastic no matter how old you are. A combination of supplements and lifestyle can aid in your fight against aging.