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How To Build Brown And Beige Fat To Boost Metabolism

So far we’ve covered the multiple ways to influence your metabolism. A lesser-known factor in boosting your metabolism is the exposure to the cold.

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Brown and Beige Fat’s Role

It is worth noting that your body comprises different types of fat including beige, brown, and white. Brown and beige fat are more active metabolically when it comes to taking energy to support body structures. White fat, on the other hand, doesn’t have much metabolic activity compared to its brown and beige counterparts.

That is to say, brown and beige fat have the ability to burn or reduce white fat and boost your daily expenditure of calories. Typically, brown and beige fat has an adequate amount of mitochondria to help burn the white fat.

By taking ice baths or cold showers can help you build brown and beige fat in the body. An improved brown and beige fat percentage leads to an increased basal metabolic rate.

But it is always better to do your research or read as much as you can to find safe ways to expose the body to cold temperatures.

Brown and beige fat not only improves energy consumption but also increases your body’s insulin sensitivity, which is certainly a big deal. If your carb intake is high, your muscles take up the brown and beige fat to create energy and not body fat.

There are some foods you can add to your diet regimen to build brown and beige fat, to help assist the boosting metabolism naturally. These foods include avocado, whole grains, and lentils.

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Lentils also make a good choice when it comes to improving the brown and beige fat to boost metabolism. Many nutritionists consider lentils excellent functional food that can help people reduce symptoms associated with metabolic syndromes.

Eating legumes and lentils such as peas or beans can play an important role in not only treating but also preventing several metabolic syndromes. In addition to brown and beige fat, lentils also make a good source of beneficial fiber and can help beneficial microbes thrive in the gut.

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Avocado is loaded with healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated brown and beige fats that promote satiety. A study in the Nutritional journal showed that eating half an avocado a day can help obese people feel satiated and also reduce their appetite for the next meal.

Plus, many other studies have shown that avocado has excellent inflammatory properties and can have a secondary effect on the body. Inflammation can interfere with the metabolism process, especially when you are trying to shed pounds. With 80 calories per portion, avocado can be one of the metabolism-boosting fruits.

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Whole Grains

Whole grains are different from refined grains as they contain a lot of fiber and anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities make whole grain extremely beneficial for weight loss and improving brown and beige fats. If you are thinking about how to increase your metabolic rate and build brown and beige fats without exercise, adding whole grains to your diet is a good idea.

In a nutshell, metabolism solely depends on your lifestyle and dietary habits. If you want to speed up your metabolism naturally building brown and beige fat naturally can help.