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How To Get Better Sleep Without Pharmaceuticals

Poor-quality sleep affects just about every area of your life. It can be responsible for fat gain, brain fogginess, and increased levels of cortisol–just to name a few.

This is why it is alarming that a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep. This statistic is in accordance with the CDC, which also reports that 20% of these adults experience mood swings, increased irritability, and poor levels of focus as a result.

Moreover, relying on pills such as Ambien, benzodiazepines, or other substances are not viable solutions as these do not present your body with natural sleep. They also come with potential side effects.

The answer to hacking your sleep and getting a good night’s rest may actually come in the form of nighttime wearables. This article will explore how this biohack method naturally affects sleep hormones in a way that results in deeper and healthier sleep.


Understanding Your Sleep Hormones and How They Work

The first step to understanding how to biohack your sleep is to understand the sleep hormones at play and how they work. First there is melatonin, the body’s main sleep hormone. Melatonin is released by your pineal glands at night, triggering your sleep cycle. What is important to note is that the brain only produces melatonin during nighttime and in the dark. This is why it is important to avoid your phone or other things that emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) before going to sleep, for these block melatonin production from occurring. Moreover, melatonin works as a seasonal clock. This means that more is produced on days when the sun sets earlier and less is produced on days that the sun sets later.

The other sleep hormone is adenosine. Adenosine gradually builds up in the brain throughout the day until it peaks and the brain begins to slow down and signal to the body feelings of sleepiness. The reason it is difficult to sleep while taking caffeine is that caffeine works to suppress adenosine. On the other hand, a chemical such as THC increases adenosine levels, making you feel more tired and relaxed.

Most people who have trouble sleeping tend to rely on sleep supplements that increase melatonin and adenosine levels. While this can be an effective strategy to getting better sleep, there is another alternative worth learning about that can hack your sleep–one without any drugs or supplements.


Hapbee: A Drug-Free Way to Hack Your Sleep

Hapbee is a wearable company that utilizes US military technology to measure the magnetic signatures of substances such as melatonin, adenosine, CBD, caffeine, and THC.

The reason why Hapbee is a dream invention for biohackers is that it can produce the same effects of taking substances without any of the potential downsides. It does this by replicating those molecules and delivering their magnetic signatures through vibrational signatures, optimizing one’s quality of sleep. In a sense, Hapbee allows one to choose how they want to feel by bio-streaming the magnetic signatures of the common ingredients found in your body.

Now, there are other natural methods to biohack your sleep, such as limiting screen time before sleep, getting proper nutrition and exercise, etc. However, if you are looking for something that instantly guarantees better sleep quality, look no further than Hapbee.

If you are someone who tracks your sleep, you will be shocked to find how well the Hapbee device works. Some have even gone as far to say that it is the most effective way to naturally hack your sleep. Moreover, even if you feel that you are already getting quality sleep, Hapbee will show you that there is even better sleep to be had.