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How To Improve Your Intelligence

It is widely believed that with age we lose focus, cognition, and memory. Many assume that an individual’s intelligence level can’t be changed or improved. But there’s research that suggests otherwise; that we can improve our levels of intelligence and enhance brain function.

The Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas in Dallas did some research to challenge these beliefs. They found that participants, aged 55 and older, saw a reverse in cognitive decline after using a cognitive training program just a handful of hours a week. Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training, also known as SMART, taught participants how to prioritize information received and ignore minor details. Participants also learned how to examine a problem from different points of view, with these techniques resulting in the development of improved focus and reasoning skills. You can download the app here:

This research shows that the enhancement of cognitive abilities and protection against its decline might come from partaking in cognitive training. Other studies suggest that this kind of training paired with supplements can help grow intelligence levels. Here are a few things you can try to help boost your brain function.


Brain Games

There is a software program you can download called Dual N Back ( which contains lessons that can help to improve problem solving, REM sleep, and memory. The lessons might be challenging at first, but just 20 minutes a day for a few weeks can get your IQ and brain function up.



Many people use all sorts of tricks and techniques to be able to remember something. Using mnemonic devices and rhymes are just a few examples. Repeating something over and over again until it sticks might be effective for some.

One technique that could be very effective is one called “memory palaces.” Jonathan Levi, an accelerated learning expert, explains how this technique uses “spatial memory.” Essentially, you have to visualize ideas or people in a familiar physical space; imagine the visualization required to arrange furniture in a room.

Levi points out how spatial memory allows us to remember, for example, every home we’ve lived in because of our familiarity with those layouts. He explains that all we need to do to improve our memory is to begin putting memories in those spaces.


Consider Supplements

There are a couple of supplements that might offer benefits to your brain. One is called Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil, which can help your brain function run more smoothly. You’ll want to start with low doses to give your body time to adapt to this newly added energy. MCT oil might also help your body turn on its fat-burning power.

Another supplement is Krill oil, known as DHA and EPA. These omega-3 fatty acids can help improve thought processes and memory. DHA and EPA are essential for brain development and function. Be sure to adjust your doses if your diet already provides you with these oils.


Try “Smart Drugs”

You might see improvement in your executive functions with nootropics, or “smart drugs.” These substances can improve creativity, motivation, and memory. Here are a few nootropics to consider:

  • Caffeine. Caffeine can improve cognitive function, alertness, and memory; even your organization and mood could see this improvement. Cafestol and kahweol are anti-inflammatory components that can boost your cognition and can be found in upgraded coffee beans.
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC). This is a potent antioxidant that acts on dopamine function and acetylcholine. ALC could be a powerful cognitive enhancer.

So there you have it. Intelligence is something we can improve. Getting the brain engaged in games and trainings can improve overall brain power, as well as taking supplements or substances packed with brain-fueling agents. Your intelligence level, focus, and cognitive performance can see great improvement if you apply the right methods.