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Optimizing This One Neurotransmitter Can Improve Your Memory

Sometimes referred to as smart drugs, nootropics are compounds that work to improve brain function. This includes an overall upgrade to your mental sharpness and memory. When faced with a long day at work or important presentation to give, these memory-enhancing nootropics can do wonders in ensuring that your mental cognition remains optimized.

This article will therefore explore how memory works along with a discussion on which nootropics you can take to improve your own memory and learning ability.


The Secret To Great Memory Is Glutamate

One of the most vital neurotransmitters that your brain has is called glutamate. It’s vital to much of your higher brain functioning, and is what over 50% of your neural pathways run on.

Glutamate is the neurotransmitter that is the basis in driving all learning and memory that takes place. It also functions as your brain’s primary excitatory neurotransmitter. Glutamate escalates brain activity, flicking on the brain pathways that affect your learning ability, emotions, general movement, and memory.

“Neurons that fire together wire together” is a popular neuroscience expression that essentially says that when a couple of brain cells are lit up simultaneously, our brains start finding neural pathways for them.

Take the idea of learning a new skill, for example. At the beginning, you’ll make mistakes, since there are cells in your brain that are not related to each other firing simultaneously.  As you begin to practice over time, the process becomes more refined, and your brain begins to have the same cells get lit up, and there’s neural pathway to connect those cells. Eventually, the skill becomes something you don’t even think about, and has been committed to memory.

That’s the crux of memory and learning new things, and glutamate is behind it, building the connections between those neural pathways.


Maintaining Optimal Glutamate Levels

Have in mind that glutamate isn’t something that you just want to increase too much since too much of it is bad for your brain.  Most signaling that occurs in your brain requires balance—glutamate is no exception. The key is to therefore maintain the right amount of glutamate.

While you brain naturally has the ability to take care of all this, the tools your brain uses stop working as well as you age. That’s one reason why many experience memory loss when they get older.



So what can nootropics do? Nootropic stacks provide aid to glutamate signaling by making sure the brain has the tools needed to create glutamate. It also allows your brain more control over the release of glutamate and makes it easier for neurons to detect the chemical and send the signals that improve learning and memory. Nootropics help every step of the way.

When first trying nootropics, there is a lot of trial-and-error that can be avoided. Note that there are a variety of compounds that come in all different doses and forms. Fortunately, there are many companies out there that have done the research that are worth checking out. In the meantime, here are some possible options.

Qualia is a nootropic stack from Neurohacker Collective What makes this pre-made stack stand apart is that it enhances multiple parts of the brain rather than hyper-focusing on one part of cognition. This differs from the one isolated compound nootropic that is often used.

If you are looking to improve memory, Qualia Mind is an option. Designed to enhance reasoning, focus, motivation, critical and creative thinking, as well as long-term memory reasoning, Qualia Mind combines multiple stacks that focus on certain areas of brain function, helping overall support for cognition.

Qualia Mind can help to avoid small boosts or crashes that can happen with alternatives. It does this by treating your brain system as one dynamic system and targeting a variety of areas rather than just one. This not only makes it more efficient than taking a bunch of individual supplements, but also improves the overall effectiveness as well.

Know this: a good nootropic stack can have you feeling more focused, motivated, and improvements to your learning speed and memory. For possible ways to  improve your ability to learn and remember, it may be worth looking into nootropics.