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Why Sleeping In The Nude Is a Very Healthy Choice

Photo of brunette young girl sleeping naked in bed at home

If someone suggested that I sleep naked two years ago, I would’ve laughed. Sleeping nude was for the free-spirited. It wasn’t like there was anything inherently good about it, and I liked my pajamas. It was only when a close friend persuaded me to try that I was a believer within the week.

Discover the physical and mental benefits that sleeping nude brings to your health. It transformed my sleep health, and I’m positive the results will win you over, too.

Bedtime in Your Birthday Suit


You don’t unwind in your work clothes at home because they’re just not that comfortable. Post-work pajamas are next-level comfort, but they pale in comparison to sleeping in the buff.

Elastic waistbands restrict oxygen-rich blood flow. Scratchy tags irritate your skin. Tight collars need readjusting, waking you from your precious sleep. Bedtime in your birthday suit means fluffing a pillow and hitting the sack. You’ll be able to enjoy your high thread count silky sheets, too.

Photo of female naked leg on bed with uncovered sheets

More Restful Sleep

Is your room a sauna at night? Your body needs to drop half a degree to experience restful sleep. If you’re guilty of sleeping in fuzzy pajamas (like me), you’re raising your body temperature, and your body only has limited measures to cool you down while you sleep. You either sweat or you throw off the covers.

I kicked my covers off and pulled them back repeatedly on every night. When you’re flipping one leg in, one leg out, you’re not sleeping— you’re doing the hokie-pokie. It had never occurred to me that my pajamas were the culprit!

No clothes mean no tossing and turning. Sleeping naked balances your body temperature, leaving you with an excellent night’s sleep.

Morning Glow

You resemble the ghost of Christmas past after a poor night’s sleep. Skip your skivvies for that next-day glow. A better night’s sleep helps you look and feel energized, and shedding dead skin and hair allows your body to clean itself and replenish its natural oils.

I cut chunks out of my morning routine and spent less time at the mirror because there was less to do. My make-up didn’t have to combat dark circles and puffy cheeks because my body fixed itself overnight!

Photo of girl in huge pants looking in mirror at home

Shed Fat


Waking up glowing is nice. Waking up thinner is nicer. Your body’s ability to breathe at night is favorable for your weight loss goals. Sleeping in cooler environments ramps up your metabolism because the exposure to coolness burns energy to produce heat. While you’re asleep, your body torches calories to keep you warm.

Healthy for Downstairs

Let’s not beat around the bush. Underwear isn’t for sleeping. Extra layers spell night sweats. The combination of moisture and tight material around your nether regions is a breeding ground for bacteria, and restricted blood flow cuts off nutrients, which can leave you feeling tender in the morning.

If going commando is intimidating, ease into it. Start with loose material. This subtle difference can reduce the risk of contracting nasties like a yeast infection.

Your Brain with No PJs

Closeup of affectionate couple holding hands in bed

Increasing Partner Intimacy

Being naked can be a vulnerable experience. Who better to share that with than your loved one? While sleeping naked may be stressful at first, it’s certainly something your partner will enjoy. You’ll find yourself less body conscious and more confident. Seriously, it becomes a nighttime ritual.

Bedtime birthday suits increase skin-to-skin contact, intimacy, and trust. You and your partner strengthen your relationship while sharing a great night’s sleep. What’s not to love about that?

Wake Up Refreshed

The combination of great sleep, clean skin, and a healthy metabolism you get from sleeping in the nude leaves you revitalized in the morning. You’ll pop out of bed before you’ve even had your morning cup of joe. There’s no reason to burrow into bed once your body has the proper rest it needs. You’re ready to challenge the day without slamming the snooze button.

Portrait of a man waking up and stretching hands at home

Relieve Stress


Everyone’s done it. You oversleep, rush your routine, and speed to work, scarfing down whatever’s in the fridge. That’s a stressful morning. Stress in the morning carries on throughout the day. You can break the cycle.

Sleeping in the nude refreshes your body; when I did it, I felt a grounded sense of calm upon waking up. A healthy night’s sleep is capable of reducing stress— I stopped battling midday anxiety and took on more work responsibilities.

Test it once if you’re still skeptical. Lock your door if it helps. My fear was nakedly fumbling around for clothes in the morning. Now, I keep pajamas under my pillow for quick access in the morning.

After sleeping in the nude just once, I experienced a total shift in my sleep. You spend hundreds on mattresses and silky sheets, so why not spend a night uncovering how you truly sleep? Ease into it. You may enjoy what you discover.