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The Amazing Benefits Of Garlic

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates is often quoted as saying, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Whether he actually coined this phrase or not, the philosophy behind this way of life is that you must consume food and drink with your ultimate health in mind.

A lot of people munch on fast food and wash it down with soda, showing little regard for what it will do years, or even mere months, down the road. Taste wins over nutritional value much of the time. It’s usually only when you develop chronic health conditions or diseases that you look inward, trying to figure out the real cause of your aches and pains.

Giving a little thought to those foods that are nourishing and beneficial to the body will make a world of difference, regardless of when you start making dietary changes. Surprisingly, some of these beneficial foods are actually quite tasty, too, and can be incorporated easily into your meals. Here’s how garlic can have a powerful impact on your health…

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Donovan Govan

The Amazing Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is one of those amazing natural remedies that’s hailed for both its culinary promise and medicinal properties, having been used in ancient cultures throughout India, China, and Egypt. It flavors dishes, helps to soothe heartburn, and can even shorten the duration of the common cold.

Most of garlic’s benefits are due to sulfur compounds and a derivative called allicin, which are released when it’s crushed or cut. Its distinctive smell and taste are the result of these byproducts, and they’re known to have antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial superpowers. Garlic can be incorporated into many of your favorite dishes, soups, and smoothies to help you look and feel great. See all of the amazing ways that this powerful herb can benefit you and your health:

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Omcadam

Garlic And Acne

Over 60 million Americans suffer from acne. This unsightly and sometimes painful condition occurs when excess oil on the skin clogs pores, causing irritation and swelling. Garlic has soothing effects on the skin due to the allicin, which takes care of bacterial growth in hair follicles, preventing new breakouts. Garlic also has anti-inflammatory benefits that clears the skin by reducing swelling and irritation around pimples.

In addition to ingesting garlic, you can create a topical solution for the face. Simply crush three cloves of garlic and place them in a cup of water to soak for fifteen minutes. Dip a cotton ball or makeup wipe in the liquid and apply it to the face as you would any astringent or toner. Let the solution dry on the skin and rinse off after 20 minutes. Apply twice daily for healthier skin.


Garlic And The Common Cold

The seasonal cold is hard to dodge. You share classrooms, workspaces, and, unfortunately, coughs and sneezes. You may soon develop cold symptoms that must run their course. Instead of attempting to treat them with antihistamines, cough suppressants, and antibiotics, why not attack the virus with a natural remedy that could lessen the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of your discomfort? In a study of 146 people, those who took daily doses of a garlic supplement experienced fewer cold symptoms than those who didn’t ingest garlic. This evidence suggests that garlic’s antiviral properties might keep you healthier when the cold season comes around once more.

Garlic And Psoriasis

Psoriasis is yet another chronic skin condition in which painful rashes and flare-ups occur all over the body. Psoriasis is caused by an adverse reaction in fat stores, which triggers an inflammatory response. Inflammation that shows up on the skin is the result of an enzyme called lipoxygenase. Garlic’s anti-inflammatory response has a significant ability to inhibit this chain reaction, which could slow – or even stop – these breakouts before they start.


Garlic And Weight Control

Garlic plays a significant role in helping to stabilize blood glucose levels and reduce insulin sensitivity, helping the body to switch into fat-burning mode more efficiently. This is exciting news for those of us wanting to maintain a healthy weight and promote fat loss.


Garlic And Cholesterol

Unhealthy levels of cholesterol contribute to heart disease, a leading cause of death throughout the world. While there are a host of prescription medicines that can help reduce and maintain healthy levels of cholesterol, garlic is a powerful, natural alternative. Its ability to regulate cholesterol levels can keep your heart and circulatory system healthy.

Garlic And Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating condition caused when a protein peptide called amyloid-beta interferes with normal brain function by causing the formation of plaque. The progression of Alzheimer’s is very costly, both physically and emotionally, for the patient and family members. Its devastating effects leave people looking for natural alternatives to boost brain health and stave off disease. Garlic supplements and natural garlic have been shown to have an anti-inflammatory response in the brain, helping to protect vital brain cells against degeneration.


Better Health, Better Life

By incorporating garlic into the meals that you eat and taking additional supplements, you can improve the health of your body, your mind, and your overall wellness. Seek out some simple recipes to try, talk to your doctor about supplementation, and get ready to look and feel better with each delicious addition to your plate.