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The Anti-Aging Benefits of Face Yoga

Face yoga is an anti-aging tactic that uses facial exercising motions to stretch and tone facial muscles. While face yoga is a newer term, facial exercising has been around to help improve facial muscle control. Regular yoga is a form of strength training body muscles; face yoga is a form of strength training face muscles. The more you do strength exercising, the firmer your muscles will be over time.

Face yoga can have these benefits:

• Plumping and toning cheeks
• Diminishing the strain, pain, and tension of overworked muscles
• Smoothing wrinkles and fine lines
• Tightening neck and jawline skin
• Preventing sagging and under-eye bags
• Stimulating facial muscles to improve the skin’s elasticity
• Improving circulation of the skin to help clear it

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How Face Yoga Works

The goal of face yoga is to reduce wrinkles by toning and firming skin muscles. On top of the anti-aging effects, face yoga exercises can help soothe headaches and eye strain. Practice makes progress when it comes to the effects of face yoga. It is ideal to practice face yoga exercises six days a week for half an hour at a time.

Doing face yoga exercises correctly and repeatedly can have anti-aging benefits. Researchers published a study that found that by doing facial exercises correctly for a span of four to five months, most people saw changes in their skin. Participants noted that their facial muscles were tighter and firmer. They also saw that their faces did appear to look younger after a few months.

Facial yoga exercises target these areas: the neck, forehead, cheeks, and the skin around the eyes. Try these anti-aging face yoga exercises below. Let’s have a look at some exercises below.

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Facial Massage

Before massaging your face, be sure to wash your hands. For 30 minutes, use your fingertips to massage your face muscles, relieving any strain. Be sure to massage all over your face, forehead, and around the eye area.

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Stretch Neck And Jaw & Pucker Lips

There are two ways you can do this exercise. One way is to tilt your head backwards and hold it for a while, repeating this motion for one moment. Another way to attempt this exercise is to lift your chin up and over to one of your shoulders for a few seconds. Repeat this motion for the other shoulder for a few minutes.

Start with your face relaxed. Then make a kissy face and then loosen your lips slowly. Do this for a few minutes.
Eye Opener

With both hands, make a circle by touching your finger tips to your thumbs. Place both circles on top of your eyebrows and on your cheeks. From there, lift your eyebrows, squint, and repeat. Repeat this motion a few dozens of times.

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Cheek Lifter & Smile

While keeping your teeth covered with your lips, widen your mouth while lifting your cheeks without squinting. Repeat this action for a few dozen times.


Without wrinkling or squinting your eyes, do 50 smiles. Then, hold a soft smile for a little under a minute.

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Forehead Lifter

There are two ways to do this exercise. One way is to interlock your fingers together and place them over your forehead. Lightly apply pressure on your forehead while slightly lifting it. Another way to practice this exercise is to place your palms on your temples. Lift the sides of your face for five seconds and repeat.

Acupuncture, facial creams, and botox are expensive ways to approach anti-aging. Although it can take four to five months to see any results, the effort is worth it. You can learn more about face yoga by reading articles and watching YouTube tutorials.