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These Signs Indicate A Man Wants To Be More Than Just Friends

It can sometimes be tough to pick up on the cues that a man is into you. Is that him just being playful, or is he flirting? Instead of second-guessing yourself, look for some specific behaviors that can reveal whether a guy has romantic feelings for you – even if he’s trying to play it cool. Pay attention for these telltale signs that a man is hoping to become more than friends…

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Eyeing A Crush

This isn’t referring to a casual, quick-passing glance. If his eyes aren’t wandering around the room and he purposefully maintains eye contact with you, that might indicate he’s got a crush on you. Who can blame a guy for being unable to tear his eyes away from a woman he’s into?

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He Wants To Hang Out With You A Lot

If a guy indicates that he wants to hang out with you more – without your girlfriends around or his boys by his side – it’s a clear sign that he might be interested in something more. Whether he asks you to go for a cappuccino or catch a movie, take note of how often he wants you all to himself.

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Genuine, Ginormous Smiles

You can tell when a smile is forced or fake. If your guy often smiles at you warmly and spontaneously, chances are he’s showing signs of a crush.

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Tick Tock: Time Flies When He Talks

A man who likes you or has a crush on you will put in the effort to make conversation and keep conversation going. You’ll find there are fewer and fewer instances of long, awkward pauses where he has little to nothing to say.

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A Touch Of Romance

Touching is a way of expressing affection, intimacy, and even love. Does he want to hold your hand? Has he ever gently touched your hair or put his arm around your waist while you’re walking together? If so, he could have a crush on you and is aching to be closer. Inappropriate or unwanted touching? That’s a sign you should rush the other way. A good guy will be receptive to what you find comfortable and appropriate, and he’ll adjust his actions accordingly.

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Cue The Compliments

Does he compliment you for small things that normally wouldn’t warrant attention or praise? When he compliments your sunglasses or notices you’ve been reading a lot, take the cue: he’s into you.

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He Doesn’t Ask About Your Partner

He knows you’re in a relationship, but he doesn’t ask about it. Why? Because it’s painful or frustrating, or maybe a combination of both. If a man has a crush on you and wants to become your significant other, he’ll want to avoid hearing about others in your life that may be his competition.

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He Sees You For You

Your guy has made it clear, in ways big and small, that he accepts you for who you are. He doesn’t try to change how you present yourself to the world, how you interact with others, or how you see your life unfolding in the future.

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And Has An Eye For The Slightest Details

Who would’ve thought he’d notice the new haircut, the latest Kajal you’re applying, or the way the color of your earrings reflects the color of your eyes? When someone has a crush on you, they can’t help but notice and appreciate practically everything you do.

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Acknowledgments Meant Only For You

If he has a crush on you, expect to hear plenty of acknowledgments. These aren’t just empty flattery when they come from him, but a reflection of true admiration. Acknowledgments indicate that you’re special, appreciated, and admired.

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The Green-Eyed Monster Appears

Expect to see some jealousy if another man attempts to enter the picture. While jealousy is a common human emotion, it should never take on the form of aggressive, possessive, or compulsive behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened. A little side-eyeing of the other guy or trying to pull your attention back by being a doofus on the hand… well, that’s just cute.

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The Conversation Turns Heavy, But It’s Enlightening

Someone who has a crush on you will be interested in all aspects of your life. He’ll care about your dreams and disappointments, your frustrations and fears, and of course, your happiness and hopes.

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Signs Point Toward More Than Friends

If he initiates being close to you or making the first move romance-wise, you can pretty much count on a crush being in the works. Guys looking to be only friends find ways to keep a respectable distance. Guys who are into you will try to close that gap.

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Your Opinions And Decisions Matter

You’re changing jobs, leaving behind the corporate career for a nonprofit gig, and everyone thinks you’ve either lost direction or lost your mind. Everyone, that is, but the guy who has a crush on you. He’ll defend your right to make your own decision and emphasize how much he cares for you and respects you, come what may.

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Cash And Carry A Torch For Someone

If he’s looking for a romantic relationship with you, a guy will offer to pay for your first date to show that he’s invested in establishing a relationship. As things go along and you become more comfortable with one another, he won’t be offended if you offer to treat him now and then; in fact, he’ll probably agree to it as a sign of his respect for your independent spirit.

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Daily Communication

Is your guy reaching out more than usual? It could be a text, a Snap, an email, or a call. If your communication goes from weekly to daily, it could be a sign that your relationship has gone from casual to crush.

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He Crushes It When It Comes To Looking Good

When someone has a crush on you, they try to look their best whenever you’re around. Gone are the ill-fitting comfy clothes, the pulled-from-the-dryer wrinkled T-shirts, and the pants better suited to yard work than working on a relationship.

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He’s There When You Need Him

He’s your guy, and you can go to him when you’re in need. You can count on him for a hand to hold, someone to talk to, or a safe place to land after a particularly bad day.

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His Single Status Is Crystal Clear

When a man has a crush on you, he’ll make his single status known. He’ll want you to be completely aware that he’s ready to enter into a relationship with you and you alone. It’s not just about availability – it’s about letting you know he’s not looking elsewhere and is, instead, hopefully eyeing a future with you.

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He Makes It Work

He shows support for your work life or studies, no matter what it involves. Sure, he may not understand the draw of anthropology. He does understand how important certain things are to you and lets you know he’s there to back you up, always.

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His Friends Know About You

You haven’t met his best buds yet. But once you run into them while you’re out with your guy, you find out they already know your name and that you’re in his life. Clearly, he’s been talking about his crush in a positive way, to any of his friends who will listen.

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Talking About Other Girls Is Off The Table, Because You’re In His Heart

Talking about previous relationships or dating experiences is a thing of the past when someone has a crush on you. He knows that you don’t need to hear about the details and the drama; it’s all about the two of you now and how you’ll move forward.

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He Thinks Your Selfies Are Sensational

He doesn’t seem to care that your selfies are pixelated, grainy, or just plain garish (due to poor lighting, of course, and having nothing to do with how photogenic you are). A guy with a crush likes your posts no matter what and looks forward to getting all of them.

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He Tries To Impress You Without Being Too Obvious

If your man has a crush on you, he’ll definitely look for ways to impress you, while at the same time striving to play it cool. New clothes. Better hairstyle. Cleaner car. They all add up to letting you know that your opinion of him matters – a lot.

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Your Secrets Are Safe

Any good relationship requires trust. You can tell him anything and everything, and he can do the same with you. He protects your secrets and proves he’ll be good to you.

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He Dislikes Anyone You’re Dating

A guy with a secret crush on you won’t react well to the fact that you’re seeing someone else. He might offer reasons why the other guy isn’t right for you, while subtly promoting his own worthiness. “He seems so fake. You deserve to be with someone who acts like himself around you.” Sound familiar?

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Because You’re Totally Unforgettable, He’ll Remember Everything

From your birthday to the anniversary of a special occasion, he remembers it all. Every crazy, loving, fun, or weird thing you’ve done has left him wanting you more. A guy with a crush on you won’t be able to forget anything about you, and he’ll celebrate you whenever he can.

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He’s Present In Your Life And Looks To The Future

Between the two of you there’s a lot of talk, not only about what’s going on today, but what might be down the road. He shares his plans for the future with you, which could indicate that he’s hoping you’ll be a part of his future as well.

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The First Blush Of Romance

Is it the ninety degree weather or is he hot for you? If you notice that a guy blushes when you’re being playful or showing signs that you’re interested in him, he almost certainly has a crush on you.

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Body Language Speaks Volumes

A man that’s around someone he has a crush on will show signs of being comfortable and engaged with that person. There’ll be a natural flow, not only in conversation, but in action. The way a man holds himself – his posture, movements, and gestures – can indicate he’s excited to talk and spend time with you.

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He Sticks By You

Maybe you’re with a group of friends and a political discussion leads to you being the only person with a dissenting opinion. Someone with a crush on you will jump in and support you (even if, deep down inside, they don’t agree with you) so that you don’t feel like you’re alone and dangling off a cliff.

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He Jokes About Dating You

A guy with a crush might joke about dating you when you’re out with him and a group of friends, but it’s not done in a cruel way. It’s a means of letting you know that the thought of dating you has occurred to him. He’s making a move and putting it out there in words to gauge your reaction.

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Scheduling Changes Can Alter How He Sees You

Being busy becomes secondary to a guy that has a crush. When it comes to seeing you, helping you with something, or setting up a date, he’ll move heaven and earth (or at least the plans in his schedule) to spend more time with you.

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He Wants To Be Around You In Both Good Times And Bad

A man with a genuine feelings for you doesn’t just look to share the fun times and the easy-breezy days. He wants to be around even when life feels like it’s falling apart. Whether it’s two in the afternoon or two in the morning, you know you can call and he’ll offer a shoulder for you to cry on.

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He Values Your Opinion

It could something as simple as what shirt to wear to a job interview or something more complex like dealing with a difficult family situation. Either way, he welcomes your input and values your opinion.

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He Forgets To Look At His Phone

When he’s with you, his phone stays out of sight and out of mind. Doesn’t that level of interest have a nice ring to it?

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A Little Bird Told You He’s Got A Crush

He retweets, reposts, and tags you. He engages in social media in a manner designed to attract and impress you. It’s another way of conveying a crush, without being too bold.

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On The Road To Romance, He Offers To Drive

Of course he knows you’re capable of driving, but he also recognizes that it’s nice to relax and be a passenger sometimes. He’ll sacrifice himself and deal with the stop-and-go traffic, the honking horns, and the tailgaters. When you have a crush on someone, you look to make their life a little more pleasant however you can.

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He’s Chivalrous

No, chivalry is not dead – it’s just dressed up in new and different ways in today’s world. If your guy has a crush, he’ll still look to pull out a chair, open a door, or give you his jacket if you’re cold. These sweet actions are all ways to charm you and warm your heart.

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He Wants What’s Best For You…

…Even if it isn’t him. A guy who has real feelings for you will respect that you get to choose who and what makes you happiest, even if that means you two remain nothing more than friends.