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What’s The Difference Between A Detox And A Cleanse?

You can find toxins almost anywhere. They are in your environment, food, home, personal products, water, and more. These toxins could contribute to chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, and other health concerns.

The detox organs in your body include the kidneys, colon, lymphatics, skin, and liver. They are constantly eliminating toxins. Because of daily exposure to toxins, your detox organs could use some extra help. Although people tend to do cleansing and detox together, there still are differences.

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What Is A Cleanse?

The goal of a cleanse is to rest your body from having to digest and process highly processed foods. This practice can last from a few days to several months. A cleanse can reduce bloating and improve bowel function. Cleanses are a short, simple protocol that focuses primarily on the gut and involves eating clean, whole foods and drinking filtered water. There are three different types of cleanses to consider.

Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse encourages the consumption of healthy liquid nutrition of fruits and vegetables while temporarily eliminating processed solid foods from the diet. These types of cleanses aim to reset your digestive system. By drinking only juice, the body receives nourishment while toxins are flushed away.

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Parasite Cleanse & Colon Cleanse

Parasites are easy to get but not easy to remove. Your body could benefit from doing a parasite cleanse if you are experiencing symptoms like fatigue, problems digesting, and brain fog.

Choosing unprocessed foods and eliminating sugar, carbs, and alcohol from your diet for a few weeks will help reverse the environment parasites love to live in. Additionally, supporting your system with parasite-killing herbs and essential oils is effective.

A clean colon can lead to less bloating, constipation, and rid your body of parasites and toxins. Eating fiber-rich foods can help maintain a healthy gut and bowels that help your body expel toxins.

The signs your body may signal to you that indicate a need for a cleanse includes:

• Brain fog
• Problems digesting
• Feeling heavy
• Bloating
• Depression
• Body aches
• Excessive gas
• Bad breath and bodily odors

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What Is A Detox?

During detoxification, your body converts toxic substances into waste, which is then eliminated through your colon, liver, and lymphatic system. Detox is also an opportunity to change your habits by supporting your body through health.

Some toxins from your environment that can invade your body include:


• Secondhand smoke
• Polluted water
• Mold
• Paint fumes
• Automobile exhaust
• Heavy metals
• Cleaning chemicals
• Asbestos
• Overconsumption of drugs and alcohol

As many people believe, detoxing isn’t about weight loss, although that is often an added benefit. It’s about keeping inner systems healthy and not bogged down by toxins that can derail health and lead to weight gain.

Your body might need a detox if you experience these symptoms:

• Chronic sinus infections, mucus, and phlegm
• Stomach pain, nausea, or vomiting
• Constipation, diarrhea, or indigestion
• Abdominal cramping or bloating
• Abnormal sweating
• Brain fog
• Eczema

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Cleanses, Detoxes, and Draining

Most cleanses, except for parasite cleanses, are draining methods. Cleanses are helpful before detoxing because detox starts with drainage. Trying to detox before your body is ready and has open drains could result in reabsorbing the toxins or causing them to build up again. This reason indicates that most people practice cleansing before detoxing.

Most drainage efforts happen before a detox, but you can do maintenance draining efforts to minimize reactions while detoxing. Exercising moderately, eating healthy fruits and leafy greens, drinking filtered water, and taking vitamins are great ways to support the detox process.

Although both cleanses and detoxes are beneficial and healthy for the body, choosing a method can be challenging. In comparison, cleansing targets the gut, are shorter, and supports drainage, whereas detoxing focuses on the whole body, takes longer and pulls out toxins.