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Why Eating Liver Might Benefit You

The liver is considered a “superfood” because it consists of essential nutrients found in healthy fruits and vegetables.

Humans have been eating organ meats for years. The liver has been eaten over the years by hunters and gatherers to provide nutrients and as a source of protein. Nowadays, the liver is in recipes for broths, stews, sausages, and even puddings.

The most common kinds of liver to eat are chicken liver, beef liver, and fish liver. Chicken liver is the most common form of liver and is used in most recipes. Although beef liver doesn’t have an as appealing taste as chicken liver, it contains more vitamins like B12, B6, A, and zinc. Fish liver also has a great source of vitamins A and D, fatty acids, and omega-3.

Eating liver supports your overall well-being and can lower the risk of certain conditions. Here are some of the benefits of eating liver.

protein in body

Great Source of Protein, Biotin, Folate, Vitamin B6, and CoQ10

Proteins play many roles in our bodies, including repairing tissues, repairing muscles after exercise, growth in childhood, producing hormones, and maintaining our appetite. These functions are important as we age.

Although it is good to consume biotin and vitamin B6, your body needs to have folate. This helps your body to perform a process called methylation to maintain healthy cells. The liver contains small amounts of nutrients which can have a significant effect on your central nervous system, endocrine system, and your metabolism.

The highest concentration of CoQ10 is in the mitochondria of cells, which helps produce energy. Unfortunately, CoQ10 decreases in our bodies with age. CoQ10 improves blood pressure, sperm quality, endurance, and vascular health.

great source of Vitamin B6

Can Help With Fertility And During Pregnancy

Pregnant and nursing women need even more nutrients than normal to help with the development and growth of their babies. Eating liver provides essential nutrients like vitamin B12, vitamin A, and iron which are especially important during pregnancy by preventing birth defects, abnormalities, and the healthiness of the mother.

baby growth in pregnancy

Helps Your Body Detoxify & Fight Diseases

The liver removes waste and toxins from the blood, as well as metabolizes drugs, hormones, and medications. It also makes proteins that are needed for blood clotting. Your liver requires the nutrients found in animal livers to produce these functions.


The Gerson Protocol is a treatment developed by Dr. Max Gerson that has been used to treat cancers, heart disease, and digestive disorders. The Gerson Protocol involves consuming liver-based ingredients to help regenerate health by supporting metabolic functions, regenerating health by reducing oxygen deficiency in the blood, and supporting thyroid functions.

Helps Fight Disease

Great Source of Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin B12

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that inhibits free radical damage, then helps reduce inflammation. It supports vision, skin, thyroid, bones, gene regulation, facilitates cell differentiation, and promotes immunity. Animal-derived foods are the only source of retinol, the active form of vitamin A.

Liver is a great food to consume if you suffer from iron deficiency. Having enough iron in your diet is important, especially for women. To treat or prevent conditions like anemia, fatigue, low energy, neurological problems, and irregular menstrual cycles, liver nutrients like B vitamins, folate, and iron are important.

The biggest benefit of liver meat is its high amount of vitamin B12. We know that vitamin B12 promotes the formation of red blood cells, supports the nervous system, and improves cellular function. Having enough vitamin B12 in your system lessens the chance of brain fog, mood changes, fatigue, and muscle weakness.

Great Source of Vitamin A

Side Effects of Eating Liver

Be sure to eat small portions of liver as you don’t want to overconsume. The FDA warns against eating raw liver because of the risk of contamination with bacteria.

You should avoid eating liver if you develop any allergies after consumption. Irregular indigestion is also a sign to avoid eating liver. Avoid eating liver if your body already produces high amounts of vitamin A and iron.

Those of you who don’t wish to consume animal liver may want to consider taking a quality desiccated liver supplement. Just be sure that the supplements come from pasture-raised animals. Overall, animal organs such as liver are healthy for you to consume and offer great benefits for your body.